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Rappers and Politicians

The two greatest frauds by trade in American history are rappers and politicians. They both have delusions of grandeur and rely on the simple-minded nature of their audience to accept their boasts and lies without question.

 The two greatest frauds by trade in America’s history are Rappers and politicians.  Both groups have a disproportionate number of pseudo-revolutionaries and self-proclaimed tough guys.  They both have delusions of grandeur and rely on the simple-minded nature of their audience to accept their boasts and lies without question.

Despite the fact that these snakes are cast from the same mold, they pretend to be polar opposites and adversaries.

Let’s talk about the tough guy bit that both groups love to play. Is anyone really impressed by a self-proclaimed tough guy? For those of us that live in the real world and don’t hide behind an army of bodyguards, nobody is tough. No neck has been made that can resist the bite of steel. Usually, when someone is doing all kinds of huffing and puffing about how tough they are, you can rest assured that they’d be the first ones to flee from the first sign of danger, or if cornered, soil their designer pants. Can you imagine any of these politicians meeting the criminals they want to be so tough on alone, somewhere secluded, and still running their mouth? They would quickly change their tune and be quite friendly and submissive. As to these tough Rappers, they usually break down and rat on all their guys the minute they get into any serious trouble. A hot mouth should never be misconstrued as a sign of valor. What are their deeds? Getting shot? So if my house cat goes out and gets shot by some punk kid, he’s now eligible to be a Gangster Rapper? The idea, fellows, is to avoid getting shot. I’ve known clowns in prison who’d been shot and liked to brag about it. The thing is, if you knew these guys you’d understand why someone would want to shoot them in the first place. It certainly wasn’t because they were tough.

Regarding Rappers and politicians being pseudo-revolutionaries, the reality is that both groups serve the status quo. The politicians do so in a more obvious fashion, claiming they’ll be the ones to bring about the needed changes, while accepting millions in campaign contributions to keep the wheels greased for the powerful. The most amusing side-show has been the promise by politicians to change the culture. What makes politicians qualified to orchestrate a cultural revolution, is not something the media has bothered to ask. At the very least, these highbrow politicians should have been asked if granting people the gift of culture was in fact better than providing them with such things as affordable health care, good paying jobs, a clean environment, etc… Why bother with such trivial things though, when our leadership is fighting culture wars for us. Oh my!

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  1. mickel

    On May 9, 2008 at 8:08 am

    It’s true and well observed.

  2. Michelle Madras

    On December 11, 2008 at 11:06 am

    I loved tis article. Finally someone is speaking the truth and with style and flair.

  3. LIl_A-Znippar

    On December 14, 2008 at 7:47 pm

    what can I say, im thuggish ruggish crazy its bone “thrones”
    lunatics running around with straps camacazy’s player hating we despise, open your eyes
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    trespass, plenty-ful so watch your back
    im packed with bags of pitiful lyricle contraverse!!!!!

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