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Sally Bercow Nude – But Her Husband’s Still Doing a Great Job!

Sally Bercow’s husband is speaker of the UK Parliament and when she posed naked under under a bedsheet for a tabloid photo shoot many forecast she had fatally damaged his career. Not at all – he’s doing a great job and calling UK Prime Minister David Cameron to account for using improper language.

Speaker John Bercow has many enemies in the UK media, particularly the hard right Conservative supporting press like the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph. The Mail likes to think it is the nation’s moral censor in all things sexual. So when John Bercow’s wife Sally posed naked under a bedsheet and said it was a turn on making love in the Speaker’s house – they forecast the end of his career.

That was simply wishful thinking. Speaker Bercow has delighted in calling Prime Minister Cameron to account in Parliament and forcing him to apologise on at least three occasions.  

Bercow is also a Conservative but from the wrong side of the tracks according to Cameron. Bercow went to a state school while Cameron was enjoying all the privileges of Toff’s paradise, Eton College.

Cameron’s education and social background have left him with the firm conviction that he is always right, he knows best,  everyone should shut up and listen to him.

So when the shadow chancellor Ed Balls, sitting on the opposition benches directly opposite him in Parliament, keeps up a running commentary while he is speaking, correcting him continually – Cameron blows his top.

The latest outbreak came he called Ed Balls a muttering idiot. That sort of language is not allowed and speaker Bercow immediately called on him to to withdraw it and apologise. If he did not do so he would be escorted out of Parliament – to loud cheers from across the nation.

Cameron had to apologise, red in the face and very angry. He is plainly losing the plot as well as his temper. The reason he is so angry is that Balls has been proved right. Right at the beginning of the Parliament he forecast that Cameron was cutting expenditure too quickly, destroying growth and losing all chance of paying off the deficit.

That forecast has been proved completely correct – and backed by the IMF.

Cameron can’t handle being told he is wrong. Meanwhile, Mr and Mrs Bercow are playing a blinder.

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