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Nationalism is selfish and unfair. Petty and local politicians stir their banner for their own and sole interests against people.

Cristina, Teresa and I were very good friends when we were young and Cristina is one of my cousins as well. I recall the times when I went to her house and we played at all times, went to the cinema, to the beach and we had summery naps, telling each other things and sharing our dreams and worries if there were any. Then, we grew up, but we were still close friends.

With Teresa, it was different. We met on one day in a workplace and we became friends to last even when the two of us left that job. Of course and as with all friendships there were absences. There were times when we didn´t know about each other´s whereabouts till anyone of us wrote a letter or sent a card to the other. Or a telephone call out of the blue that resumed our friendship.

However, what has happened that our close friendship that seems to be over? They´ve taken the banner of Catalan nationalism, but I have not. It seems that, on these days, there´s nothing in common among us as it used to be.

It´s a shame that nationalism can end relationships and friendship.


- It´s narrow-minded as it over praises its national assets and culture against others.

- It separates friends or relatives who won´t agree with their nationalist point of view.

- Nationalism is usually stirred by petty and local politicians unable as they are to be in what I call high politics such as having a lead hand where power is and matters. If they can´t achieve on this, they´ll create their own territory, stirring the banner of nationalism.

- Nationalism is selfish. In every country there´re regions that are better off than others. It doesn´t mean that the people that live in these poor regions are lazy, but their poverty and perhaps backwardness has something to do with history.

- Nationalist leaders put the people against each other to benefit their own and sole political interests. 

(C) Copyright. Vicky Pino. September 11th 2013.

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