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Take God Out of The Pledge of Allegiance? Go Ahead Try It

Even if you remove "One Nation Under God" it is impossible to take God out of America’s Pledge of Allegiance. It simply can not be done!

The liars to men who hold high offices in our government and who’s goal is to elliminate God from our Nation, even to remove ”One Nation Under God” from our Nation’s Pledge of Allegiance on the idea our Nation was not “Forged In Faith” can not win the argument for the simple reasons I am about to explain.

God can not be taken out of our Nation’s Pledge of Allegiance even if “One Nation Under God” was not included in our Nation’s Pledge, the author made sure of this. Our “Pledge of Allegiance” in It’s original form is as follows. ” I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the republic for which it stands, one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Number one, do you see the word democracy? America is not a democracy. AMERICA IS A REPUBLIC. Unlike the liars to men who hold high offices in our Nation’s government and who do not seek truth but embrace the lie of liars, it is very evident the author of America’s Pledge of Allegiance knew how America’s government worked. It is evident the Author also knew America was “Forged in Faith” and fused this knowledge into what would become our Nation’s Pledge of Allegiance in the years to come simply by using three words, “indivisible, liberty and justice”

Indivisible, the Trinity is indivisible “Father, Son, Holy Spirit” Three in Body One in Essence. The United States, Fifty States, One Nation. Liberty, believe in Jesus Christ and thou shall be saved giving true liberty that frees us even from our own selves. Justice is the work on the Cross done by Jesus Christ for all to be saved and go to heaven.

It is our duty as men and women and citizens of our Blessed Nation America to seek the truth. Those the character of obama are not seekers of truth. They are liars to men and women. They are bought by lust, they are enslaved to themselves and those who bought them. They are TRAITORS to the very foundation our already Great Nation was found upon by men and women who loved and embraced TRUTH. 

These liars the likes of obama, kerry, ellison… do not have the best interest of America in their hearts and embrace lies of character as well as the lies of our Nation’s enemies. They believe by elliminating God from our Great Nation their actions will be protected by phylosophies of men so will not be held accountable. They believe they are safe. These are TRAITORS OF THE WORST KIND and deserve the treatment of a TRAITOR during war time to the letter of that Nation’s laws. Nothing more and nothing less.    


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