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The Chameleon

The Undoing of the Republican Party.

     Does it matter anymore which Party for which we vote? Year after year, it is more of the same. It is no wonder that, each Election Year, more otherwize well meaning Americans, rather than wasting their vote, decide to sit-out the whole “business”.

     There is an agenda taking root in the Political Arena and it has nothing to do with representing the People. The highest priority for Politicians on both sides of the aisle has become one objective: Getting elected, winning the next election, the one after that and so on. They will look the Voter in the eye and, unabashedly, say whatever they think that the Voter wants to hear.

     These days, the Democrats make no apology but, in fact, all but declare themselves to be the Givers of All Things to those who vote the Party Line and wilfully surrender their Freedom and Liberties.

     On the other hand, the Republicans, not to be outdone, have reached “Across the Aisle” to an extent never before imagined. Their goal? To Re-Brand themselves away from the image of “Old White Men”, too White, too Uptight. They have become a Political Chameleon, changing as needed for the sole purpose of getting The Votes.

     How are the American voters represented? They are not. Simple as that. In fact, they have been so “brain-washed” by the ideology of the Two Party System that they obstinately rebel at the thought of a Third Party. So, they keep voting-in the same old “Lizards” and getting the same result every time.

     How many times have you heard the standard cliche from Democrats and Republicans alike, not to leave out the Pundits who “carry the water” for these two corrupt entities: “Well, you know, each time you vote for the Third Party, you are stealing votes from one of the only two legitimate parties”. Whatever happened to: Voting Your Conscience?

     Elections are not a game of Strategy. They are the only tool that the People have, under the Constitution, to remain Self Governing.

     We The People need to recognize the Soothsayers and the Chameleons for what they are and excercise our Power accordingly…While we still…Can?

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