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The Political Odd Couple : Mitt Romney & Ron Paul

How will the Mitt Romney and Ron Paul alliance affect the political landscape and the 2012 election campaigns?

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The Political Odd Couple – Mitt Romney & Ron Paul

A lot has been made of the relationship…. now I have to tread carefully here because ‘relationship’ could infer the kind of closeness Ron Paul would deem un-Christian, so lets start over…. A lot has been made of the ALLIANCE (phew, dodged a bullet there) between the former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney and Congressman (for the 14th district of Texas), Ron Paul. Both Republicans are vying for the presidency.

 Romney’s politics is certainly more progressive than that of Ron Paul whose far right libertarian stance is perhaps why he is not a serious contender for the role of Commander-in-Chief. Paul’s candidacy is a blip on the political landscape and will certainly not end with him moving into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. This doesn’t mean he’s not a force to be reckoned with, Romney is no doubt courting the Congressman in the hope of achieving a unified party within the GOP(please note Mr. Paul, the term ‘courting’ is not to be attributed to any kind of romantic entanglement). Romney can ill afford in-party discord. In these enchanting days of Republican brotherhood what does Paul hope to gain from Romney? Quite simply a position in Romney’s administration or if the good doctor decides to retire the offer would extend to Paul’s son Rand (apparently not quite as weak as the South African currency).

This is all well and good but Romney’s campaign could be tarred by association with the Ron Paul camp. Certain endorsements from controversial groups are emphasising Paul’s right wing proclivities which in turn could anchor Romney in the polls. Among them is Dan Black, founder of the White Nationalist group Stormfront as well as the Rev. Phillip G. Kayser who advocates criminalising homosexuality and espouses biblical punishment for offenders which in certain cases would not preclude the death penalty.

Apart from these fine humanitarian stalwarts (cough, cough) the association with Ron Paul could jeopardize the black and Jewish vote. Paul will certainly never be seen as a leading light in the Civil Rights movement, he’s more of a dimmer switch eager to dull the cause. Referring to anti-discrimination laws Ron Paul has said “…forced integration and enforced equality are inimical to liberty…” which is like saying a designated speed limit is a hostile gesture to all motorists.

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