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The Ryan plan: a stumbling block for Republicans

Paul Ryans idea of prosperity: For the billionaires, of the billionaires, to the billionaires!!

Paul Ryan, a Republican Representative from Wisconsin, has pushed forward a plan that is supposed to undo the damage done by Obama Care and preserve medicare for future generations. The plan, however, has met with disapproval from the majority of voters.

The problem with the plan: it incorporates the same cuts as Obama Care then goes a step further by rationing medicare at the expense of the middle class.

Under Ryan’s plan (called The Path to American Prosperity), people over the age of 55 will be given $5000 to buy health insurance and take care of themselves. Any expenses above $5000 will come out of the seniors pocket. This guarantees that the Republicans will not lose the support of corporate America and her wealthy and corrupt CEOs who can afford to pay above $5000.

When asked to defend his plan, Ryan and the republican GOP claim that the plan preserves medicare and gets rid of the rationing implemented by Obama’s health care bill. Apparently, since Obama’s $500 billion cut to medicare is already in effect, Ryan and his wall street pals sees no reason to reverse it, except during interviews. The logic behind the Ryan health care bill is that  Medicare and Social Security are going bankrupt. However, analysts have been predicting its bankruptcy for decades and nothing has happened.

The Ryan plan deals with more than health care. It addresses the dire economic situation of the country and provides ways to ensure that prosperity abounds (for the rich). Under his plan, tax breaks for corporations will continue in an effort to allow trickle down economics (a B.S. idea started by the Reagan administration that didn’t and doesn’t work).

In an attempt to distance himself from a plan that is nothing more than a sell out of the American people, Mitt Romney refused to openly say he would sign the plan if he was president. Instead, he called it a good plan but said he has his own ideas that he will push forward.

This is not to say that Obama care is perfect or without faults but at least, it is honest enough to say that there will be cuts and it does not place the burden of reviving the economy on the middle class but on the rich and corporations who can afford to release a few more dollars into the economy.

Ryan’s plan is nothing more than an attempt to please the rich supporters of the Republican GOP which is a shame because politics should be about improving and enriching the country and its people.

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