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The Supreme Court Approves Obama Health Care Plan

The Supreme Court approved the Obama Health Care Plan after Republicans and governors declared it unconstitutional. The Supreme Court considered the Obama Health Care plan as a tax and thus approved the bill into a law in June of 2012.

The Obama health care reform bill is now a law having been approved by the Supreme Court.  Most Americans think that the Obama health care law is mandatory and therefore makes it an unconstitutional law measure.  But the Supreme Court stated that the Obama Health Care Bill is not mandatory but if Americans do not choose to participate, then a tax would be imposed.  The tax would be imposed on the Affordable Care Act that President Obama acceptance speech referred to as the health care law.

 Health insurance for individuals effect on the economy is the concern of most Americans. The general public is wondering how is the economy going to be effected by all of the provisional changes in health care inclusive of private health insurance.  Dan Abrams of Good Morning America, GMA, stated to The View TV audience  that the provisions of the health care bill could be amended but the bill is now a law.  

Twenty states deemed the health care reform bill as unconstitutional and  filed a federal lawsuit against the government regarding it medical insurance provisions.  Now that Obama Health Care bill has been approved by the Supreme Court justices into a law, those states most likely will ban with the Romney campaign as a matter of disagreement.

Dan Abrams stated that the Republicans will still use the health care plan approval by the Supreme Court against the Obama campaign.  Joy Behar on The View stated her surprise at the Republicans using an Obama health care plan approval  against the Obama campaign.  Dan Abrams explained that the goal of any campaign strategy is to treat wins as losses win political campaigns.  

The states’ argument against the Obama health care plan was  that every American has the right to choose if they want health care coverage.  The twenty states against the Obama Health Care plan stand was  that no American should be forced into having health care coverage. Because the health care reform bill legislature has been approved by the Supreme Court, it is highly unlikely that the lawsuit can be appealed but the provisions of the new health care law could  be amended or changed later.  

The health care reform bill;however, is likely to have a profound effect on the economy. Elizabeth Hasselbeck of The View stated that the Obama health care bill is slated to cost the American people one trillion dollars when the health care law goes in affect in 2014. Dan Abrams explained that the trillion dollars cost will be reduced over time because health care as a result will be less expensive than if the health care bill had not become a law. 

The health care reform bill now that it has become a law will make health care more centralized with the government running exchange medical programs. The government now has a say in what insurance can and can’t offer in reference to health care insurance. The initial cost of the health care  insurance coverage may not look like the initial coverage after researching  through the running exchange medical programs.  

The health care legislation may even result in a trend of drug companies selling even more expensive drugs to smaller groups of people unless safe guards were incorporated with the President’s recent fixes of the health care reform bill. The medical device industry will also be effected by  the new health care reform law because of a renewed push for government sponsored comparative trials. If there is a move to compare placebos against treatment from major medical companies such as Johnson & Johnson, the brand companies may lose profits.

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