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Turning 62 in America

My birthday brings me to Social Security age out of necessity. I’m not happy about it because of the political climate in this country. But it could be worse. ..

My birthday is tomorrow. I’ll officially be 62. I say officially because I’ve felt 62 for years now and have already applied for my Social Security benefits. Did I want to collect those benefits now? No. I wanted to wait until the payment would be higher than the meager $500 a month. Could I wait? No. It was either take the $500 or earn about that much at a fast-food restaurant.

I’m an artist. I’m an author. I’m a wife, a mother, a grandmother, an animal lover and an American struggling to find ways to continue to live in a sad political time in this country. I have a college education and my husband has a Ph.D. He’s an adjunct professor at our local university and he was told a couple of days ago that the administration will be cutting his schedule down to the tune of approximately $2,000 a year so that thay can avoid paying into what has become known as Obamacare. Do I hate Obama for trying to give Americans medical coverage. No. I think social programs provided by our government are a good thing–a necessity really. Do I hate the administrators at the university for making such a decision? You bet your last dollar I do. The university administrators are happy to collect outrageous salaries, live in beautiful homes and collect constantly rising tuition from students who are made to believe that a college education is going to be their ticket to the American Dream.

But, still, it could be worse. I’m sitting here at a computer. My utilities have not been disconnected–yet. I’m not physically disabled. I have enough food in my house. I have tools to hopefully improve my standard of living. I’m luckier than many Americans.

My daughter sent me a cell phone picture of my granddaughters. I love them. They’re beautiful. They deserve the best from life in this country. Will they get it? We hope.

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