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What Exactly is an Obamacare Waiver?

The right wing media, blogs and social networks are all abuzz about ObamaCare Waivers. Many Americans don’t understand what that waiver is.

What exactly is a waiver and why are they such a big deal? In the brief space I plan on taking here I’ll give you a better answer than you’ll find anywhere else.

An ObamaCare Waiver is the term applied to the one year reprieve allowed a company that wants to avoid the extra expense that the new government approved health care plans are costing employers who provide health insurance for their employees. Many – but not all – of the companies seeking waivers generally offer most of their employees what are called mini-med plans. Put simply mini-med plans offer small total yearly maximum benefits and for the most part cover simple doctor visits and tests. They are not meant to cover major medical expenses. The yearly maximum amount paid per individual is usually between $5000 and $15,000.

The advantage to companies seeking waivers for these types of plans is because do so because an ObamaCare Waiver means they do not have to abide by all the requirements of expensive health care reform plans.

The advantage to of a waiver to employees is that they too are allowed to continue paying minimal amounts for their mini-meds.

The reason they are such a big deal is a little more complicated to answer.

First is who is getting them. Many of the companies seeking and qualifying for waivers are companies that supported ObamaCare before it was enacted. They supported both the candidate while he was running and the legislation as it was being forced through congress and into law. To have these same companies and labor groups now opt out seems both hypocritical and unfair.

Another reason is many people are under the mistaken impression that waivers give the holders full exception all the stifling rules, mandates and strict government control of ObamaCare. With *one major exception that is absolutely not true. Under the government controlled waiver it is really only a financial benefit to employers. (And taken in the broader sense it is a benefit to the country. Imagine the cost of going to McDonald’s, for example, if they had to pay up to five times the amount for health insurance premiums for ALL their employees.)

*The major exception I mentioned a moment ago that exempts individuals from the restrictive rules of ObamaCare is the personal exemption available only at Care Liberty. The Care Liberty Waiver gets gets the individual out of everyone of the ObamaCare provisions both now and in the future. It also carries the benefit of not requiring government approval.

Get more information on the personal ObamaCare Waiver by clicking here.

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