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When You Look in

What do you see.

A perfectly round sepulcher of a sphere with water and if the weather is right you may even see a whole condiment; You would have to modify the picture to even see houses or any thing we built from space. But we know it here at 50000 feet houses look like doll houses and at 20k cars look like the model cars we worked on as kids. People don’t start to come into focus till you get to 5 thousand and below and they look like ants at 2 to 5 thousand feet in the air; But the Earth only looks so big to us because we are small like a virus or a grain of sand compared to the planet were on. No matter what the far right says we need each other and we are in the same boat ladies and gentlemen good or bad here are a few videos foe you to mull over and think about. the Romney rant;; Jess Ventura has a point in that video when ever you are voting for the lesser of Two evils your still voting for Evil and It’s time for a change.

What we need to do is ask our state legislators and governors to pass a law that will allow some one with 5% of the vote to be declared a major party; Giving them the right to debate and bring in new ideas to the table. Mr Romney there are things I’m entitled to 1 is to think your a MAJOR jack ass.2 To vote for some one that isn’t in bed with the fascists you are; 3 Make your election as difficult as I possible can and yes sir that is what I want to throw you fascist the hell out of office and replace you with Real Americans.

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