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Why Do We Need to Vote for Election?

Learn the importance of voting.

The Election is not yet starting but the campaign is too early to begin. Many people already have their list of Candidates to vote and they begin to give their support. It is not really easy to Vote because you need to have background check of Candidates before deciding.

In many years of election, there are still people asking, “Why do we need to vote for Election?”. They all have the same answer that nothing will happen if they vote. The poor people will stay poor while rich people will still rich. I cannot blame all the people thinking about this but you need to listen to me. If you will not vote or choose to sell your vote, you are losing the chance.

Everyone in this world have the authority to choose between Good and Bad. If you research about the person who deserves to be in the position and vote him/her, you did a good Job. If you choose to shut up and sell your vote, your non-sense.

The most important decision of a person is not only about his/her self but also for the whole nation. It is your responsibility to act right on what you believe and not because of the money. Some people choose money than voting but try to analyze that if you choose voting, you can be proud that you able to save the whole nation.

Never say “No” when you need to say “Yes”. Everyone wants to see their children to have better future and voting helps a lot. There is no wrong in showing and acting on what you believe as long as you know that you are making the right decision without a doubt. Be Proud of yourself because you are given the chance to vote for the right.

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  1. Andrew

    On September 27, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    If they got rid of the electoral college, i would certainly vote!

  2. Jack

    On October 27, 2008 at 4:14 am

    The sheer article like this shows the neccisity of voting. The integrity of Political Media is so grey. This is first year our country aought to be almost embarassed about the facts of who the candidates .
    It is equally a grave concern to wonder if we are taking the principles of entrepreneurship away. To share the wealth to people who care less whether they work or not makes little sense to me.
    The foreign countries must be looking at the super poweres of the world and making it a laughing matter over lunch and telephone conversations.
    One of the candidates almost looks like a mad dog since i have learned of his so called commitment to USA.
    To think about seriously what each candidate has promised they would do if they were elected brings great doubt to me.
    Honestly Can our country look back back four years from now and honestly say, this is who God would have voted.
    We must be careful of who we vote for because God may give this country who they want. God may just show us that America is in need of total dependence.

  3. anita

    On January 24, 2010 at 10:19 am

    very is boring.because this content is not sufficient for me.

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