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Another Dream to be Interpreted

I have this strange dream last night. And, I wonder what it’s meaning until I searched at the dream dictionary.

I think dreaming is normal. It is like the expression of your subconscious mind and how you cope up with your frustration, fears, or desires. Alright, this is how it began:

I dreamed of a Chinese medicinal store and they are selling love potion. We all know that M. K. T. got married last month, right. In this dream, I decided to buy a love potion to gain him back. At first in my dream, my father doesn’t agree to buy me a love potion until he realized that it is the only thing that could make me happy – to be with the one I loved, M. K. T. Then, I bought that love potion. The Chinese sales person suggested me to drink that potion, and through my metabolism, the skin pores would excrete sweats and the substance of that potion that I could attract or gain back the man that I loved. Another use of that potion that I could meet the perfect man that I could marry. Then, I have that potion and tried to use that potion as a perfume and put a little on my neck as I did to the normal perfumes. 

Then, at the next setting was classroom, my godfather, who happened to be my uncle, was my Chinese teacher in a Chinese class. Then, he criticized me for being religious and having a habit to go to a priest to have confession. Then, he gave us a seatwork. M. K. T. was also in that classroom and he is watching at me while my uncle was talking, which he is referring to me of what he is talking about. 

My former college friend, HMGC, became my seatmate. He lend me a yellow pad so I can have something to write on. Then, my uncle told us to draw on that piece of paper. I don’t know why HMGC and I were drawing the same object – wallet. We drew different types of wallets. 

Then, my uncle gave me a glass of Coke. He also reminded me that I should not drink Coke with empty stomach. 

In the Dreammoods.Com, dreaming of Uncle means new ideas and emerging awareness. Some of the heritage and traits of my uncle that I adapt eventually in the waking life. And, to dream of classmates like HMGC and M. K. T., is that I should draw on the past and stagnant relationships and move on. Or, there is some aspect of that person which is his characteristics or culture that I adapt. It is like HMGC is influencing me in my waking life and I should move on and learned from my past experience with M. K. T. 

This is how I interpret my dream. God bless you all!

Liked it
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