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Are You a Spring, Summer, Winter or Autumn Personality?

There are four distinct seasonal personalities and our personality links to a particular season. Find out if you are a spring personality or a summer personality, what does it mean if you are a winter or autumn person, discover what colours suit you,


The Spring Personality – Warm Colours

A spring person can be brunette, blonde or redhead but will never be very dark or heavy.
They are light on their feet and have an indefinable quality of lightness to their being.  Lively, vivacious, effervescent and impulsive, the spring personality has a great deal of charm.  They may have lots of fresh ideas but could have too many projects going at once. They make friends easily are positive and have natural energy. The challenge for the spring personality is single-mindedness; they have the gift of attending to many things simultaneously but might be accused of being superficial and frivolous.
Colours: warm and clear; they can also be bright. The ideal palette for the spring personality will include soft peach, cream or turquoise, alongside the brighter scarlets, cobalt or sky blues, warm emerald greens and pure yellows.

The Summer Personality - Cool Colours

Summer people are often brunette or blonde, usually blue eyed but can also be grey, green or brown eyed.
They are cool, calm and collected. Although they are good listeners, they can be analytical and judgmental. They can also find it hard to express their feelings and often deny themselves opportunities to use their talents. They have a subtle, dry sense of humour and can be very witty.  The challenge for the summer personality is in trying not to appear aloof and unfriendly and to try not to resist the efforts of their livelier friends to jazz them up!
Colours: usually cool and subtle, they can be dark but never heavy. Some typical colours are raspberry, rose pink, lavender, sage green, powder blue.

The Autumn Personality – Warm Colours

Physically, the autumn personality can be blonde, brunette or redhead and their eyes can be blue, brown or green but will almost invariably have flecks of gold or tan in them.
Being earthy characters, they are very aware of environmental issues. They are independent and career-minded, good organisers and able to deal with many projects at one time. The challenge for an autumn personality is to keep their sense of proportion. They can be perceived as bossy and tedious but, although sometimes unpredictable, are warm and friendly.
Colours: the autumnal palette can be considered to be offbeat – there are no pure primary colours. Examples are burnt orange, olive green, moss green, golden yellow, terracotta, vermilion and aubergine.

The Winter Personality – Cool Colours

Physically, whether blonde or brunette, the winter person’s features are well defined and their eyes compelling; redheads are rarely winter personalities.
Seen as strong, self-assured and aloof, these people are in fact shy and prefer the peace of their own company. They are often very efficient and precise in everything they do. They have good career minds, are loyal and reliable in a crisis, being good organisers and leaders. The challenge for a winter personality is to pay attention to other people’s feelings.  They can sometimes be seen as elitist, cold and uncaring.
Colours: strong contrasting colours such as pillar box red, magenta, crimson, midnight blue and indigo. Winter personalities often favour wearing monochrome and are the only type who look good in unrelieved black or white.    

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