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Brain Change and Charles Darwin’s Theory

According to Charles Darwin’s approach of evolution, some breed administer to survive and abound in their environment, while added breed tend to abandon because they are not able enough.

The careful action decides which breed lives and which will become extinct, depending on their resistance.

This abstraction is accustomed by abounding humans until today and they debris to accept that Darwin was wrong.

He was appropriate if he apparent that the beastly getting is an animal, but the change of the breed doesn’t action based on the attrition of anniversary species, as abounding biologists afterwards Darwin accepted to the apple with their research.

They assured that if the beastly didn’t accept the base to advance until assertive point, it would never go further. There is a affairs that allows anniversary beastly to apperceive how to behave in its ambiance and how to break its adaptation problems, including how to acquisition aliment and be adequate from enemies. There is aswell an evolutionary affairs in anniversary organism’s cerebral mechanism.

A monkey will never be as able as a beastly being, no amount how abounding years it may live, because it doesn’t accept a able brain. It was not programmed to be as able as man. So, there is no accustomed selection: there are alone abounding programs for anniversary species. These programs ascertain the animals’ behaviour, the avenue of their lives and evolution. The aforementioned happens in case of beastly beings.

Darwin’s abstracts by celebratory the careful action were based on the ability of his time. He couldn’t accept that there are several programs abaft the careful action that prepares anniversary breed to abide accustomed selection, which agency that this alternative doesn’t arise by chance.

When we try to accept the accumulation of the beastly academician and the actualization of the conscience, we apprehend that this is a accumulation that took an abundantly continued time. It cannot be something that could accept acquired in our planet, because our planet is too adolescent and the apparatus of the beastly academician and their functionalisms are too complex.

The accumulation of the aboriginal academician and censor occurred by adventitious at a time so abroad that we cannot account it. It didn’t yield abode on our own planet, in the aforementioned way that the blueprint for the accumulation of the aboriginal reside corpuscle didn’t arise by adventitious in our planet because the planet’s age (about 4.6 billion years old) is not acceptable to acquiesce all the all-important combinations appropriate by anticipation for the accumulation of the aboriginal reside cell, back the permutations and combinations for this accident would accept been too abounding and they would yield added time than the planet’s age itself.

Therefore, we can achieve that the beastly getting didn’t arise on Earth by chance. The beastly academician and the blueprint for the actualization of the beastly activity are age-old and could not accept been developed in our adolescent planet, but all the animals, including man, accept behavioral programs in the apparatus through which they access knowledge. These programs admittance their absolute functionalism and adaptation in a adverse environment. Programs that ability accept getting able by a above academician for sure, back they could not accept appeared by chance.

Thus, the beastly getting inherits an age-old academician that can anticipate and feel and is acquainted of its existence, but one has to canyon through the aforementioned evolutionary action through which all animals canyon in this planet, because probably, one has to be beaten like them…

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