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Breast or Intellect: The Choice of Girls

Breast or intellect: the choice of girls.

Новость на Newsland: Грудь или интеллект: выбор девушек

When asked what attracts them more in women: appearance and intelligence, many men respond differently. Not wanting to rely on sexist views, American sociologists have asked the fair sex, which is more important: the size of breasts or high IQ.

The survey involved 1142 women from the U.S. and Europe at the age of 18 to 25 years. Sociologists like to find out that, according to the girls themselves, they must attract men. And what sacrifices women are willing to go in order to allow more young people to enjoy. Results of the study were to put it mildly, surprising.

More than 41% of study participants reported that breast size is more important intelligence. They believe that high IQ can not attract a man. 24% of those who value appearance above their own intelligence, said that probably would feel happier, whether their breasts bigger than it is. Many said they were not averse to “donate brains” for breast augmentation, others expressed their willingness to go gaga to become slimmer.

At the same time 57% of respondents believe that men are more attracted to the women’s appearance than the mind, and other moral qualities, while 43% believe that IQ for girls also is important, and should not be sacrificed for the sake of their appearance.

According to sociologists, the survey results suggest a bilateral effect “glossy propaganda.” On the one hand, men, on which all look Centerfolds posters, dream of the respective girlfriends, on the other – the girls that do not meet these criteria, and think that they do not like anyone unless adjusting their appearance under the promotional standard. Sociologists have advised the girls to love themselves as they are and not try to adjust to taste (or rather, lack of taste) of others.

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