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Can You Tell a Person’s Personality From Their Bedding Set?

People choose to brand themselves in many ways. Have you ever seen the bedding that someone has and been caught off guard? Maybe you have seen exactly what you expected. If you were caught off guard maybe you don’t know the person as well as you think you did.

Every day people are making statements about themselves. What type of clothes you wear, how you wear your hair, if you use makeup heavily, lightly, or not at all, the type of shoes you wear, the car you drive, the job you have, the language you use, the friends you spend time with, the stage of life you are in, if you choose to marry, date, have children etc. The list seems almost endless. Here’s one you may not have thought of as a clue to understand someone’s personality: what type of pattern is the bedding collection.

Sometimes the bedroom will be a place you never see, but if moving to a new place people are eager to show off their new prized possession, their home. Here are some ideas that can reflect on certain personalities with regard to bedding collections

Plain Bedding: A plain colored pattern will usually indicate that the owner is either over 40 years old or leads a very plain, frugal, and simple lifestyle. They aren’t trying to impress others with the bedding they just look for something that matches well with their room and gets the job done. The color is probably also an earth tone like sage green, brown, white, beige, light blue or something along those lines.

Fancier Bedding: This can be for college educated people as early as age 22 who are brought up in middle class or higher homes and feel the need to project a class status. The “fanciness” reflects a show of wealth. Often the people who have this type of bedding are not nearly as wealthy as they try to appear with their bedding collections. Mothers of older children who are middle to upper class will decorate their children’s bedrooms to fit in with the upper class notion and even purchase expensive headers and footers to go along with the bedding collection even though that lifestyle is a little out of reach. 

Animal Print Bedding: Leopard spots, tiger stripes, or cheetah spots. This is a younger crowd that says I’m more sexually active and promiscuous rather than the society norms. This bedding is predominately used by females and says I’m seductive. They will usually have other clothing articles that are also animal print.

Zebra Print Bedding: Zebra print is a little different. This says I’m younger and I don’t want to conform to what adults expect of me. This is often a counterculture move by youngsters that love the indie style. They are non-conformists to what adults and society in general expect of them. 

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