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Cartoon Heroes in Control: Ten Characters Dementedness

Literally!Like any creature, and animated characters littered with numerous mental diseases.

Williams Syndrome

It is a rare malady caused by the disappearance of genes. Symptoms meet: attention deficit, feeling of inferiority in comparison with relations, uncommon facial expression, sure options of health which will occur through relationship, trust strangers, worry of enormous noise or physical contact, interest in music .

Narcissistic personality disorder

Narcissistic personality disorder could be a folie within which the patient has associate augmented sense of their own importance and a deep have to be compelled to be loved. They suppose they’re superior to others and have very little regard for the emotions of the latter, however behind the mask lies a large confidence self worth fragile, at risk of the slightest criticism.

Intermittent explosive disorder

Person with such a disorder will be aggressive episodes as “periods” or “attacks” that explosive behavior is preceded by a sense of tension or the other of arousal and is followed in real time by a sense of liberation. however later when explosive event the person might feel feelings of guilt, guilt, remorse, regret and even this may be embarrassed or aggressive behavior

Dissociative identity disorder

This is a disorder within which the person has quite one distinct identity or temperament state. a minimum of 2 of those personalities head over behavior affected person. every state features a name and temperament, background and their own distinct image. Identities might deny that they apprehend one another, will be essential to every different or be in conflict Blogger, LiveJournal


Sex addiction will be outlined as behavior involving persistent dependence from numerous styles of sexual expression, that aim to beat disagreeable life things. This hypersexuality becomes involved for any kind of gender, that sometimes ends up in disruption of the person’s daily functioning. Behavior can’t be controlled.


Dysthymia could be a delicate however chronic depression. If clinical depression, the patient loses interest in daily activities, feeling hopeless, isn’t productive and has low self esteem. In general, clinical depression prevents him to measure life to the fullest, and overall quality of it should be born.

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