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Does Everyone Have an Obsession? Is It Good?

Have you ever realized that you spend excessive time doing or thinking about the same thing everyday?

The first thing obsession I thought of was Twight. I used to like it but not since every little girl, and sometimes older, has become obsessed with it. Flipping on the TV, I hear about the twihards almost daily or see something in print. A lot of people criticize them about their obsession with a movie, a book, or Robert Pattinson. This got me to thinking I’ve been obsessed with too many things to name.

Another obsession that comes to mind is music. Some people like music, some don’t ever listen to music, while some are obsessed, whether it be a band, a single artist, or just the broad term of the word. Even with illegal downloading being the way most people get and explore new music, they still spend so much money on concerts and merchandise such as tshirts and posters.

There are also so many people obsessed with video games. Games such as The Sims and World of Warcraft come to mind. These are games that some people could spend hours and days playing, away from their families, friends, and other hobbies they might have.

Obsessions bring people away from their lives like this often. Are they healthy? It’s hard to say. I mean, it’s good to be passionate about something but at what point is too much. You can only know so much about someone or something. You can only save so many pictures or videos. You do win that game eventually. What do you do before the next series comes out? Where do you go after that? Do you make stuff up and write fanfiction?

While watching TV the other day on TLC, I saw a commercial for a show called obsessed. It’s about people who have obsessive compulsive disorders such as scratching themselves, exercising, or counting constantly . There’s another example of pure obsession that can make someone’s a living hell . Also, think about drug addiction. According to, over 23 million Americans are addicted  to drugs and alcohol and addiction is the number one public health threat in the United States today. We’ve lost countless rockstars as well as ordinary people to this obsession.

Also, people with anorexia have an obsession, as well as a disorder. They’re obsessed with their bodies and how they look. Sometimes people with anorexia aren’t like that though. I was watching an interview of Daniel Johns, the frontman of the Austrailian rock band, Silverchair. He used to be anorexic. He claimed not to have been ashamed of his body image, but unable to control any part of his life. He said that what he ate and how he ate was the only part of his life he could control.

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