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Dream House

Dream House.

The Dream HouseI Choose LifeI Choose Life

I dream of a house near the fields. Scent of fresh morning mist cover my senses. Consoling my burnt spirit.

My childhood did not include huge dreamhouses and chocolate fairs. It was more primitive than advanced. I have always been a sucker for rural-walk-at-the-park life. I hated complexities. Same as I hated Mathematics, Geometry, Calculus and Algebra. I never liked digits to rule my every day but come to think of it, we live in a world run by numbers. Cost. Limits. Spend. Time. Volumes. Ratio. Chances.

I guess I wasn’t taught on how to look at the world fair and square. I never had the chance to adjust. Or have I been stuck in the Stone Age? I better ask my mother. 

It’s a shame to let go of some things you think you deserved. But I know it’s never right to impose wants. There might be times when we are challenged to speak of what we need. And along comes the fact that most of us do not really know what we need. What we want. Why do you think some people believe in stars? And some don’t? I think the reason might be hidden under your bed. Could be under your very nose. Fact is, we always have an answer. We just get lazy diving into possible places where we can find them. 

Losing a possession does not give you the opportunity to go the same way. Lost. Because if people are good at losing things, then maybe it will be same as saying that the sun will not rise the next day. We’re more of a fugitive. We choose to run. We choose to get lost. Hide. Because maybe then, we won’t be forced to face the monsters we create. The little things we ignore over the tangible presence of this world.

Thing is, we all live a plain and simple life. It’s just sad that most of us prefer to live otherwise. Sabotaging the tranquility of human nature. Shaking equilibrium. 

So I’ll just keep on dreaming. Dream of the house near the fields. And maybe I’ll wake up one day realizing that some dreams stay stuck in your head. And that some of them can be done by just taking the single step.

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