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Foolish Ways

Not everyone plays a fair game. There are some people who behave in sinister ways, they may create havoc for others and think nothing of it.

There are some people who create havoc for others, they may try and destroy a persons spirit. These people behave in foolish manners, they have sinister mind sets. If they see that others are trying to make something of their lives than these people could try and hinder their goals. They may speak foolishness and try and convince the other person that they are crazy. These people are truly dysfunctional.

Never allow people to speak to you in foolish manners, they will continue such behaviors. They may try and pull the wool over your eyes, but you must stand firm. Foolish people think that they are smarter than everyone else, they may use tactics that may seem as though they are trying to assist you but it isn’t so. Be careful and stay clear of these individuals are you’ll be sorry. They will try and destroy you anyone close to you.

These people may have high positions or at least try and obtain them. They will do things behind your back but pretend that their on your side. Foolish people use foolish words, they are conning and superficial. You must understand that these people are not your friends. Keeping company with them will cause twist and turns in your life. You don’t have to be over protective but you must be cautious that when coming in contact with these people. Once you realize who and what you’re dealing with than you’ll know how to handle it.

Don’t allow their foolish ways to rub off on you. You don’t want people changing who you are. You want to keep your sanity but foolish people want you to lose it. Never allow them to get the best of you. Foolish people may have learned this behavior from their past or because what they have been through, they’ve developed such dysfunctional behavior. Stay clear of foolish people and watch how you behave and the words that come out of your mouth. 

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