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Funny Personality Tests

A personality test narrates different aspects of a person’s traits that remain constant throughout the life. It is the character pattern of behavior, thoughts, emotions and feelings.

A personality test narrates different aspects of a person’s traits that remain constant throughout the life. It is the character pattern of behavior, thoughts, emotions and feelings. The Greeks were the first to formulate these tests. The personality tests made progress with the passage of time .The introduction of modern psychology heralded a new interest in defining and identifying different types of personality.  The modern psychologists have devised a lot of personality tests. Some of them try to identify specific characteristics and others attempt to identify the whole personality. THE idea of personality is not a static one. There could be many personalities in one person. These personalities or personal traits may be of various types. All aspects aside, everybody possesses few traits which are related to fun. In order to bring out these funny traits the funny personality tests have been devised.


Personality tests are about serious topics as well as non-serious topics. They are the way to determine the type of your personality, your skills and values etc. They are also utilized just for the sake of knowing what kind of person you actually are. A lot of personality tests are now being used to discover your aptitude for a certain occupation or career. But this is not all the usage of these personality tests. Along with all these serious purposes personality tests have a lighter side also. Although these are the same type of tests as far as their format is concerned yet they are very different from the ordinary personality tests. They are specific in their nature and find only the funny side of the personality.


These funny tests are somewhat different type of tests.  They are fun quizzes and tell the stress level. These rightly tell about the health and reserves of your energy. There are a lot of funny tests and especially one is for you. It answers many questions about your personality. Those questions, which were so far hidden from you, come to light through these tests. All funny tests are not so funny. A lot of these funny personality tests tell you what you want to hear .The test tells you how nice, kind, mature, and healthy you are.


 Everyone has a funny personality. Have you ever tried to know that what type of funny character you resemble? A group of research psychologists got together and analyzed the personalities of well-known and modern cartoon and funny characters. The information got in this way was put together and a test was formed that is named as funny personality test. One problem of a funny personality test is that the users of the test could not believe it because they are funny. A few psychologists have dismissed the whole idea of personality, considering much behavior to be content specific.

 Uses of funny personality tests

>Research and investigations into self-evaluation, indicates that individuals may have flawed views about themselves and their social relationships, sometimes leading to decisions that can impact negatively on other their lives. Funny personality tests correct the views.

>these tell you how much funny personality you possess.

>these tell you about your resemblance with the most popular funny character of the time.

>It can be used to find the person possessing the equal funny disposition.

>it can be used to know the funny aspect of the people’s personalities.

>students may use this test to evaluate their roommates.


There are a lot of pressures on the modern man. He is often anxious to know and get more. This has created an atmosphere of tension and order to know and evaluate the anxieties and tensions and provide some relief to the common man these tests have been adopted. They are not only a source of fun but also diagnose your tensions and in this way can lead you to the way to happiness.

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