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Heidi Hankins, The Girl That Shares Intelligence with Albert Einstein

Has an IQ of 159, almost as high as the physicist Stephen Hawking.

Article about Heidi Hankins Mail Online

The Child with Iq Than Obama

Heidi Hankins is not a child either. This cheerful little green eyes and blond hair could be the star of any child clothing ad but it was his intellectual capacity that made you jump into the fray informative.

With four years, Heidi Hankins has an IQ of 159, just one point below Albert Einstein, and almost as high as what physicist Stephen Hawking has become one of the youngest members of Mensa (International Association of Gifted ), as published by Daily Mail .

With months the small articulated words and so one years used complete sentences

His parents, Matthew, 47, a professor at the University of Southampton, and Sofia, artist, 43, watched from the first few months as his small articulated words as just one year with complete sentences using something that did not seem quite normal. Months later Heidi was able to count to 40, draw people, recite poems or read books for seven years. Sofia, her mother says no one has pressured the girl ” likes to play with her ​​Barbies and Legos but you can see it sitting reading a book. “

Work to avoid failures

Dr. Hankins, who conducted the study, said: “Heidi had always thought it was brilliant because I read earlier than normal and tests have shown that gifted ‘.

The adult average IQ is 100, while a ‘gifted’ their percentage is 130. John Stevenage, Mensa British CEO, says Heidi’s parents correctly identified that the girl has great potential and can work with it to avoid failures that may occur are not known, lesser degrees of intelligence.

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