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High IQ People vs. Low and Average IQ People

In the modern world, the Average IQ people are still the ones who control most of the things, as they are the majority. High IQ people left out, and opportunities which should be given to High IQ people are wrongfully, at times, given to Low and Average IQ people.

The Majority

As most studies highlight, the vast majority of Humanity has an IQ just approximately somewhere near 100, by which I refer to the average IQ score of Human beings.  So most people don’t have their IQ score as 120+ or below 80 or something. These are the people, who many times are also the dominant people in many sectors. They have the power of numbers, if we go into a class in the any country, we will find that most children are of an average Intelligenz Quotient. If we take the average to be 100, then the numbers differ in the amount of people who belong to the higher IQ group or lower IQ group. So, if we take the example of say, mongoloids, we will notice that a larger amount of people will have an IQ which can be said to be a High IQ if the global average is taken and compared to negroids we will find the no. Of “High IQ people” will be much more. Statistics clearly state that negroids have the lowest of all IQ scores on average, but that does not show that they are not intelligent, it might merely mean that the growth rate of their IQ is slower than other races.

The Minorities

Starting with the minorities, I would first like to talk about the Low IQ people. Their low IQ could possibly put them just a little below the average IQ people, but  they might also be so low, that they are classified as “Retards”. The no. Of these low IQ people also of course differs from race to race, if the global average is taken. Many a times, people with a really low IQ cannot function properly in any particular society. Now moving onwards to the High IQ people, these are the “smartest” people we’ve got. And to tell you something about myself, I’ve got IQ scores from varying IQ tests, which put my IQ to be extremely wide ranging, some saying it to be 125 and others  150. I’m still only an adolescent, so it might be that age is also a factor in my IQ, but as some of these tests note down your age, it might  be that they have given an IQ score which will remain intact in the future. Or it might increase with maturity. Anyways, the High IQ people, like myself(I hope I do not sound arrogant, I apologize if I do), are a minority with a great potential. But many a times this potential is wasted, many times people who might have an average IQ or a low IQ might beat us in Exam scores, but that simply proves nothing.

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