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How to Deal with Crazy Bosses From Hell

Have you ever wondered whether your boss is human, alien or sent straight from hell to come and torment you, totally disrupting your life?

Having worked for several companies in my carier iv’e stumbled across, mean, agressive boses that got methinking that most bosses are sent by the devil himself to make peoples lives a living hell.

How to deal

Figure out what kind of demons your facing

Arguments/ disagreement usually occurs when personality/preference clashes

Figure out what type of language your boss understands, that way, when you rebuke him he will totally understand exactly what you meant i.e “I Rebuke you Mr A!” in translation he will hear ” Get away from me you terrorist, Jerk!”

Bring order with your thoughts

Everytime he yells, screams or shouts, just picture him saying “blah blah blah miaaaaw….”

Create Boundaries

If your boss is constantly always trying to find a reason to storm into your office to yell at you

Create an electrical door handle with direct flow of current, that way, everytime he shows p an annouced, hell get electrecuted and hopefully ends up in hospital for a week, then finally youl get a break from him, then you can sit back, relax and enjoy a peaceful day at work

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