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How to influence your dreams

An interesting study by the British Cheese Board revealed that different cheeses produce different kinds of dreams.

In 2005, the British Cheese Board carried out a week long experiment which produced some astounding results. The 200 participants were required to eat 20g of cheese each night in an experiment which involved six different types of British cheese.

Cheese contains an amino acid called tryptophan which has been proven to reduce stress and induce sleep. This was reflected in the results which showed that 72% of the participants had a good sleep every night. Red Leicester cheese proved to be the most effective in providing a good sleep, with 83% of Red Leicester eating participants experiencing a good night’s sleep.

None of the participants experienced nightmares but a surprisingly high 67% could remember their dreams. However, the most astonishing finding of this study was that different cheeses tended to induce different types of dreams.

It was revealed that Red Leicester was conducive to dreaming about the past. Over 60% of those eating Red Leicester experienced dreams about childhood or previous family homes.

80% of Stilton eaters experienced particularly strange and vivid dreams.

Those who ate Cheddar cheese were the most likely to dream about celebrities.

The females who ate British Brie tended to experience relaxing dreams while the males who ate this cheese had dreams similar to those experienced by Stilton eaters.

Lancashire cheese tended to induce dreams about work. However, only 30% of those dreams were about the participants’ current jobs. It could therefore be used to give ideas about a change of career.

Crumbly white Cheshire cheese was the exception. The majority of Cheshire cheese induced sleeps were dreamless although 76% of them were recorded as experiencing a good night’s sleep.

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