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Idolatry Worship – a Deep Probe

Religions have different views about idolatry worship. Arguments are put-forth for and against the concept and people are often misled by confusing thoughts. Attacks are also not uncommon against idolatry worship. Followers of idolatry worship may really get shaken by such tooth and nail attack. What is the reason for this upheaval – ignorance or fanaticism?


Can we do away with idolatry worship in ordinary life?  When I am speaking of the idea, it has a wide range of connotations.  I mean, can we do away with symbolization in any field?  I swear, human nature will not allow this.  For example, the Indian flag is after all a piece of cloth in tri-color but if I try to dishonor it by some means, will you spare me?  No.  Why?  The answer is obvious.  Many ideals related to this motherland are embedded within the framework of the flag and when I try to dishonor the flag, you see it as an attack on these ideals.  Likewise, if I ask you to spit on the photo of a political leader whom you worship, will you do it?  After all, a photo is only a photo wherein you see the embedded image of a human face but your attributions change this simple logic to something else that has enough animation and emotion and sentiments about it.   So, a stone is simply not a stone for its followers and a photo is not simply a photo for its lovers.  Similarly, a flag is not a simple piece of cloth for those who love their motherland.  Symbolization is there.  Attributions are there.  A sort of animation is felt behind inanimate objects. 


So, a National flag represents an idea.  Likewise, a party flag also represents another ideal.  To worship, to honor a party flag is also a kind of idolatry worship.  Just accept this fact and there will no more be any attacks in the name of idolatry worship.  When one of the Kerala’s former Chief Ministers passed away, one or two copies a particular newspaper were also placed in the funeral pyre.  Logically speaking, was he going to read the paper sitting in the heavens?   If that was not superstitious or an act of idolatry worship, what else can it be from commonsense point of view?  Mine is not idolatry worship but yours is – this is a wrong judgment.  This is where we make mistakes and fanatically stamp the rest of the world as following only superstitious ideas.  Aren’t you employing the same idea in a different field?  Are you aware of this?

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