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Intelligence: Can We Measure It or Not?

For you, how will you measure the intelligence of a person?

Intelligence: Can we Measure it or Not?

            How can we say that a particular person is intelligent or not? Can we make the education as a basis? How about those uneducated people who lived in the jungle? Is intelligent really come from the school or it can be get just by the mere experience of a particular person?

            Well, these questions are just the guidelines on how we measure the intelligent of a person. There are a lot of test in the modern day that measure the intelligence of an individual like the intelligence quotient test, in which, many people believe that it could give a precise result of the individual’s intelligence. But how about to those people who live away from the city? Can they take that kind of test; well in fact, they do not know how to write nor to read?

            One of the best solutions to this is to have a survey questions comparing the people lived in the cities and who are educated than to those people who are not educated and lived in the jungle. And this test was really tried by one of my professor in our culture subject. According to his survey, he found out that those students who take forestry course can named for almost 20-25 trees while those people who are living in the jungle and obviously are not educated can name 30-40 trees which means that not all people who are educated are really intelligent. There are some instances that even to those people who are not exposing in the city and are not educated are more intelligent. But why is this happened?

            The answer is simple. Because those people who lived in the jungle are more familiar with the trees than to those students who are studying about the trees. Remember learning with experience is better that learning only. Pictures are different from the real face and books are different from the real nature.

            Thus, intelligence is not all about tests and schooling but instead, intelligence is all about learning and experience. The more you expose in the field the more you will be educated. It is not on the degree counts but it is in the kind of environment that you have. Let us put this in our minds, no one can measure intelligence even geniuses can’t do it or the scientist. Because we are living in a different world, not all of us have the same environment and same needs. And not all of us know everything in this world. Sometimes, educated people know something that uneducated do not know, likewise, there are things that educated people do not know but the uneducated individual knows. In short, intelligence is already in us, no matter what life will take us intelligence will always be there because this intelligence are the greatest gift that God gave to us.

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  1. gvgatchalian

    On January 7, 2011 at 12:21 pm

    You’re right — intelligence is all about learning and experience. Degrees do not matter, it’s our quest to continuous learnign that counts. Wonderful share! :-)

  2. nz2rdfox

    On January 7, 2011 at 10:00 pm

    Judge not so that you will not be judged…I live by that same rule..:)

    Therefore no one can measure a person’s intellect :)

  3. orlando javier

    On January 10, 2011 at 6:34 am

    intelligence is both genetic and acquired or developed. and truly, it is not measured by the degrees one holds. to my mind, what is more important is how one uses what he knows to better his lot and those of his fellowmen.

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