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Learning Not to Hate

Sometimes children acquire negative views from their peers and significant others about certain groups and other people who are looked own upon. These children are rewarded by parents and others in the form of love or a pat on the shoulder for adopting these views. It becomes a case of the blind leading the blind, a vicious cycle, never ending into the cycle of time. The stronger term "hate" is being used here as negative feelings towards others stems from intense dislike. If some people never mattered enough, we could simply ignore them.

Views like “too dark to be seen with me”, “you are beneath me”. “the scum of the earth”, very frequently gets carried over from parents to children, lapsing from generation to generation. Human beings are emotional creatures by nature. We are at any moment in time, washed by many different emotions. Be it sorrow, joy, contentment, hate, animosity or whatever the emotion may be at the time.

The extent to which these feelings are quantified will also depend on extent to which those adopting these attitudes, identify with their peers. We generally value the opinions of our parents and most often seek to identify with them.

How can adults and significant others learn to teach tolerance  to their children and the younger generations? One needs to lead by example. Hypocrisy and false faces will not help very much to inculcate  tolerance in younger people.

Ignorance can be man’s worst enemy. Highly prejudiced people experience joy and contentment on much lower levels that the less prejudiced. 

A very sad and disreputable form of conduct for people to be a part of.

Finding fault and attacking people on traits they cannot change is the worst form of stereotyping one could inflict on another. Skin color, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race and height  cannot be changed to simply fit in to suit a particular society. One needs to shift boundaries between the “us” and “”them”. It will be nice to convince people who belong to different groups to see themselves as members of a single group.

Acceptance of the self  can play a great role in acceptance of others. Accepting others under the umbrella of single entity, that is being human”, dissipates difference in perceiving others as different.  God created difference in people so that you may recognise and know one another. Not for the destructive reasons created by man. 

Harping on the differences of people and actions based on stereotyping is an  act of cruelty. The humans will never move forward if all we do is destroy and anger each other.  Being unhappy with oneself resonates into being unhappy with others. All that is achieved in the end is a generally unhappy feeling.

Learn not hate and ostracise others. As much as we harm and hurt, so can we also heal and preserve the dignity of others. 

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