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Lipstick Personality Through Reading Edge

Lipstick Personality Through Reading Edge.

Seeing a woman’s personality was not only reflected in the way of communicating or style of clothing only. From beauty equipment can ’diterawang’ personal such as whether your lady friend.

Many believe the shape of the end lipsticks can reflect the personality of women. Just look at the end of your lipstick and your female friends other. As reported by the Real StyleNetwork, here’s five forms of lipstick and assess one’s personal.

1. Lipstick Sharp Edge
Sharp tip of the lipstick shows a strong woman, cendurung selfish. But they also have animaginative and sensual nature.

2. Lipstick Flat Edge
Those with a flat tip lipstick has a way of good communication and can be a good listenertoo. This woman is simple and a bit conservative, but they are reliable and robust.

3. Edge Round Lipstick
Lipstick endless round reflects a gentle woman, feminine and love peace. They alwaystake safe steps in his life.

4. Ends Like New Lipstick
This woman has a high confidence, very detailed, creative and energetic. They also have properties that happy note by his friends.

5. Lipstick Hollow Edge
The type of woman who has a concave end of the lipstick is sensitive personal and quiet,but they are wise and very enthusiastic. Their enthusiasm was evident in everything he does, it was evident from the way they hit her lipstick.

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