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Mike Tyson is Speaking About Nowadays Boxers

Former boxing world champion Mike Tyson criticized today’s top performers, and found that the today´s society can not come up with a very powerful fighter.

Tyson said that he was ready to die for his dream, but today’s top fighters want to reach the goals more easily and thereby estimating all the dangers.

“Today´s people are no longer made ​​in the same tree as before. When I was poor, then I did not have a TV, “said Tyson. «Today  unemployed have TV´s and cars. 30 years ago such a thing would not have been possible. “

“In nowadays humans there is no great desire to strive for their dreams. Nobody want´s   great things. When i used to box, then I was willing to die for the championship, “stated Tyson.

Also Mike Tyson has biographical film ( Undisputed Truth ).

In that video you can see some Mike Tyson highlights!

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