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My Experience Using Alpha Brain

I thought since I like the product so much that I would write about my experience since taking in the hopes that other people who are thinking about taking the mental supplement Alpha Brain from Onnit, could learn from my experience and make a decision.

  I have never been much of a vitamin supplement kind of guy, now that I think of it before taking Onnit’s Alpha Brain the closest thing to any kind of vitamins or supplements I would take was whenever I would drink Gatorade and even then I doubt that counts. But when I heard there was a supplement that could help induce lucid dreaming from a Podcast that I listen to on a regular basis I knew I had to try it, so I go on Onnit’s website and ordered their product and I also have to say I was very happy to learn that they are based out in Texas, since I too am a Texas boy, but I am getting off topic.

After waiting six days for my product to arrive even though it would of only taken me eight hours to drive to them and buy it, less proud to admit that. I began taking them two times a day I would take two pills every time I woke up and two more two hours before bed. Now when I say “woke up” I do not meant I woke up in the A.M I mean in the P.M. since my work does not ask a lot of me I usually have a very lacks work schedule, I’m asked to be at work by five in the afternoon and get out by ten fifteen at night, so I got in to the habit of sleeping at eleven O’clock at night and wake up at three O’clock in the afternoon. But three days after taking the Alpha Brain I began to wake up two to three hours earlier and staying awake.

When this started I would just watch T.V. make myself some breakfast or something for me to take to work and eat, a couple of days after just staying awake wasn’t cutting it any more I started to feel proactive, started cleaning up my house a little more. Ok if you are still reading this I must say that this new change in my routine was not due to the Alpha Brain at least not entirely, before I finished college I had a very busy routine kept my self-active and out of the house, after I graduated and got my job my life became very easy, I had more time to myself and without deadlines of essays that had to be turned in every week I picked up a new hobby “sleeping”

What Alpha Brain helped me do was to get back in to that routine of waking up two to three hours before I had to, and the fact that I began to be more proactive is mainly due to the fact that I forgot how much I enjoyed to clean or be out of the house. I have begun to wake up at eight to nine O’clock now and go for morning walks at a park that is nearby my house in the efforts to lose the weight I had gained when I, “I guess you can say let myself go.” than again even when I was in college I was still over weight, but then again I did not fit so snug in a XL shirt as I do now.

But since I started taking Alpha Brain I have notice that when I am awake I am awake, that if I do want to go to sleep I would really have to force myself to not because I’m hyped up on something like a sugar rush but because my mind and body feels like they need to be awake and doing something more productive. Hence this post, or whatever you want to call it, right now it is my day off and it is one O’clock in the Moring and it just felt like I needed to do something that will help keep my mind occupied. 

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