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Paradox of Ego and Selflessness

The road to selflessness encounters the stumbling block of our ego. This is a personal viewpoint and comprehension of one of the paradoxes we live with.

Ego has been always considered as a stumbling block in our path of wellbeing, happiness and health. And yet, while trying to truly disseminate the origin of our egos, comes along the paradoxical like situation of its origins in our confidence and ambitions.

Confidence gives us the ability to perform our actions. Over confidence come about when we think we are absolutely sure of what we do and the consequences. Our Ego comes into play when the over confidence drives our thought process into absolute surety.

All through our youth and prime of our lives we are driven into the realms of success and achievements with our ambitions and confidence. There’s such a thin line that separates the ego from confidence, that we are often crossing over many a time, till such a time that it get’s difficult to go back. Yes we take pride in our achievements, in who we are and what we represent. How many times have we not boasted about our achievement? Sometimes we don’t express it, but that does not stop our thoughts and desire to do so. Have we not or don’t we seek attention and recognition?

Our measure of success at the work place is defined in comparison to those around us. If you initially don’t believe in the rule of the jungle, you will. It’s hard to survive there.  We go about living our lives seeking the recognition for our abilities and sometimes our uniqueness. We get them and then we seek for more. It’s always a comparison to someone else.

 A time comes in our lives when we seek the peace of mind, the harmony, the ability to move beyond ourselves. This gets invariably brought about in some instances by a satiation of our pursuits and mostly by an overwhelming tiredness in the battle of survival. That what we seek lies in foregoing what we have developed within ourselves for a major portion of our lives. Consciously or unconsciously it is our focus on ourselves and the determination to survive and succeed which has brought us to where we are today. To be able to shed that away for a life away from the self would seem impossible. To focus away some would say is the answer, but is it truly?

Selflessness itself seems to be a utopian quest. In its true sense I would think it relates to a total control over desires and negative emotions while devoting our actions, feelings and thoughts towards a single entity, person or cause. We set out on it with an intention to bring about a change, in the lives of people around us.  But can we do it without a gesture of appreciation or gratefulness in return?  Some do, but all it takes is someone to question the integrity and reasons behind their actions.

How does one get indifferent to success and failure? Can we do away from the need to distinguish ourselves from everyone else?

The spiritually inclined talk about the shift in perception from the self to the soul centred self in order to achieve total selflessness. That means a total disconnect from the world as we know it.

Here lies one of the illogical paradoxes of life that we struggle with.

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