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Reality or Dreamtime?

Are dreams just that? Pictures conjured up by the subconscious mind,imagination run riot perhaps?

Sleeping in my chair, dreams come uncalled for, is it a dream or is it an alternative reality. A reality that can only be accssed by the mind shutting out this life, realaxing and then the mind enters the dreamworld.I dont dream of white horses or falling out of windows and wakening before hitting the ground. My dreams are of people I know , but strangly cant name them, I know them through their essence or spirit. People are there from the past, the present and i guess from the future.

My last sojurn took my to somewhere I knew, and was full of known spirits. Couldnt name them but I knew them.For some reason there were crowds and suddenly i was told to look for a police inspector to guide me through the crowds. I knew him ,but then again I didnt, but he was a friend. We came to a sort of waiting room, i was looking for a girl who was very close to me ,in my dream. I called her name and she came out of the crowd and came to me. I saw her clearly, she was young, tall and slim with long wavy medium brown her, she wore a brown leather jacket and brown skirt with brown shoes.I knew her name and asked her to come with me, seemingly I was being taken to Shetland Isles and was to be there at a certain time. She sid she would be there at that time. I woke then with a feeling of intense loss and disappointment. Also I had this overwhelming desire to contact someone, but in reality they didnt exist, yet i felt as if they did.

Dreamtime and reality are melding, things I dream I beleive to be real when they are not,indeed real.Or are they real but in a different plane of existence than this one.

From now i will be more relaxed at times when i am asleep, trying hard to focus on dreams and see if in fact they are different planes or timelines.Perhaps dreams are just that…dreams, wishful thinking, that our lives are somehow drab and uninteresting , when in fact they are interesting.As those who have experienced near death situations, say that there outlooks on life have changed. It has made them more relaxed and stopped them worrying about trivial things.

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