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Say My Name Purpose

Say My Name Purpose.

Name me Purple, black, red, or blue.

For to names, they give purpose.

Though purposeless are they to view.

Distinguished in your allegiance.

Proud are you to say.

With a cover of who you are.

Allows you to feel comfort, when you wander; in dismay.

Secretly we dread abandonment. To be casted by society.

Apart or left secluded, from being anothers proprietary.

Lash out at the term, in disgust to be a belonging.

I am my own person!

Yet, I’d fight to remain in your companion-

ship me with you.

Sail amongst the stars and skies of blue.

Intergalactic phenomenoms to oblivion; an eternity for two.

An eternity with you.

May your deepest dreams come true.

But false am I in pretense, to predict a dream of wild.

No church, no religion, no spirit for temptations.

Not a breath of forgiveness, nor a sense of sensation.

I, I am… I is, are, and will be.

The depiction of my character and morals.

The opposition of global vulnerability.

At my weakest, I am strong.

At my strongest, I am blind.

Unwilling to engage in sights of surrender.

Giving up is an abrupt, constructed “Stop sign”

Placed to maintain order. Rules of that to regulate.

Segregation of thoughts to contain your mind, the incision of the vertebrae;

To detach the spine.

The restriction to function, so to your body; they separate.

As done by ourselves, when we hide behind; a name plate.

I’ve journeyed through the canyons, the outskirts of medulla.

For alone I stand, as my own companion. Held stuck in stone by eyes of Medusa.

My passage, my goal, the reason by that of destiny.

Placed upon the surface of life. As Earth sings the tune of blasphemy.

I cherish my memories, despite what we see worthless,

The worth of my life, is to help those of less.

Perhaps my name is Purpose.

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