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Seven Lessons From Superhero

Although the super-powered, basically all the superheroes still human. Even Superman, although born in the Planet Krypton, has its own story in the world. Even more important, in any superhero story that’s not real impressed, actually there are positive values ​​that can be taken. Check out seven of them:

1. We all have alter egos

Superman is also Clark Kent, Peter Parker is Spider-Man, while Bruce Wayne is Batman. Every superhero has an alter ego, the other side of them comes out depends on the particular circumstances. We. Can think, feel, and act differently according to the circumstances and conditions encountered. Of course we will be different when dealing with a boss at work, and with a lover while enjoying dinner. Perform optimally in accordance with the particular situation will benefit.

2. We are what we wear

Superketat a superhero costume or vary in shape, basically an understanding that what we wear define our own identity. The clothes we wear also help determine how others behave. If appears attractive, the interaction with others will be very easy to be more warm and pleasant. So choose fashion (costume) wisely.

3. We are all different

The story of X-Men or The Avengers gives an idea that everyone can be different, yet unique with their respective advantages. Not only different because of the attributes but also because of his ability. Also different kind of personality interests, talents, up motivation. The main one then is how to leverage the uniqueness of a positive objective.

4. Appear to be different with excess

Unlike in this case does not mean an exclusive feel, but how to harness the advantages of a positive thing. Like a superhero that benefit themselves and others. The trick, find the uniqueness or strengths you have, and point to something positive. Would be better used for activities that benefit many people.

5. Bitter moment so useful lessons

Bruce Wayne had a bitter past with his father, as well as Peter Parker with his uncle’s death. But that’s where their mental well established. Each of us must have had a bitter time passed, and sometimes haunting. Good is dared to confront and pass well. There is always a positive value of any events experienced, including bitter or painful though.

6. How strong, life would have been no problem

Superman, Thor, and Professor X, the almighty power of which is owned, not mean to make them comfortable-comfortable living alone. So do we. Life is not easy, but that does not mean it can not be faced. As in everything the problem, there must be a way out. As long as it continues to try to find a solution and get up again and again. Ability to deal with difficult times and removing the load is the ability that each person can have.

7. Face the fear

What is the greatest fear you’ll ever experience? Let’s face it. Due to constantly dodge and run from the fear of not going to resolve the issue. Every superhero confront evil enemies to learn new things. At least we can be.

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