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Sleep Disorder

Six ways to help you overcome sleep problems :

Cover of Time to Sleep (An Owlet Book)

Listen to the slow paced song

Many often do these activities, especially when experiencing insomnia. When listening to the rhythm of a slow rhythm of the music like classical songs and romance songs, could make sense would make us feel tired and sleepy because the music is easy to amaze the soul. Try to install the radio with a slow paced song in the car and drive, drowsiness sure it will arrive, but the alert can only do when home alone.

Drinking milk before bedtime

Most people especially teenagers do not like to drink milk because it is considered as childish, while many advantages when drinking milk before bed. Drinking a glass of warm milk before bedtime can calm the nerves and relax the tense muscles in order to provide faster sleep. This can help after a tiring day of work.

Train to bed early

The best time to sleep is around 10 pm because of the daily activities of the body need to rest to regain energy to do the work the next day. Trying closed eyes and rest in order to be more fresh eyes upon waking up. When we sleep properly cared easier for us to wake up the next day. If necessary, install the alarm clock continued to surprise you from sleep.

Experience bed

Bed conditions also play an important role to give color effects such as drowsiness, lack of hygiene and noise. We definitely need quality sleep in peace. Just imagine you sleep with the sound of a car engine side of the house, definitely wide-open when the noise is so disturbing your rest time. So the bedroom atmosphere of peace and quiet lets you sleep in peace, especially cleanliness must be maintained. Even where you busy, messy beds and sheets after waking up and sweep garbage in the room is also important !

Avoid naps during the day

Maximum to sleep during the day but 30 minutes is enough to take a break from tired to do daily activities. When a long sleep during the day will cause a person difficulty sleeping at night. Despite feeling sleepy and tired to do the job, do not take the time to sleep for a long time and will make you feel refreshed in the evening and your sleep will be uneven.

Reading a book

It is true that reading can also give us cause drowsiness as the brain and eyes awake to read and understand the contents of a book or magazine. Especially those related to education reference books, open book just for five minutes will feel sleepy. So read the book before going to sleep helps us to more quickly sleepy, try it!

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