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The Divine Guidance in Your Dreams

Dream predictions are based on real facts. The information you have in dreams is not based on suppositions. If you want to find peace and happiness in life, you should obey the unconscious guidance, even if you’ll dislike the truth reflected in the dream messages. The unconscious warnings save you from trouble, preserving your mental stability.

There is a saintly God helping you solve your problems and find sound mental health. You only have to study the meaning of the dream language according to the method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung in order to understand His words in your dreams. This experience is the best proof you could have.



I could verify the divine protection not only in dream messages, as well as in artistic manifestations. After suffering from a tragic car accident when I was a teen, I became atheistic. At that period of time, I started writing an important literary book, which gave me the key of knowledge about the meaning of dreams, and helped me prevent schizophrenia, many years later.



Even though I started admitting the possibility of God’s existence after 6 years of atheism, during which I was writing this book, I could really recuperate my faith only thanks to dream translation. The unconscious wisdom helped me verify that God’s existence was real.



You will surely pass through this experience when you’ll learn the meaning of dreams. Even if you are not atheistic, your religiosity is superficial. You must have a direct contact with God by understanding His messages in your own dreams in order to verify His existence. Your faith won’t be based on what you’ve learned; it will be based on your personal experience.



The divine unconscious mind gives you many explanations. For example, when you remember a series of four or five dreams, even though they seem to be totally different, they basically repeat the same messages in different ways.



The unconscious mind may send you two different predictions in this series of dreams. First of all you’ll learn what will happen in the future if you’ll obey the unconscious guidance. The first dream will present you with a positive future. You’ll see how you’ll find balance, and how you’ll successfully solve your problems.



The second dream of the series will show you the terrible future development of your reality if you’ll disobey the unconscious guidance and you’ll follow the absurd desires of your selfish ego.



The unconscious mind compares in dreams two different destinies, depending on your attitude, in order to clearly show you the difference between respecting the unconscious wisdom or ignoring its warnings.

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