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The Dominant Gender?

Male or female?

For many years, males have seen themselves as the dominant gender due to the patriarchy system. By looking at it physically, yes, it is true but have it ever cross your mind that male are not the dominant gender? From the past till present, males are stronger and has a higher position in the society whereas females are supposed to stay at home to take care of the family.

But try looking at it from another perspective, why are male always trying to impress the females by showing them that they are strong and tough? That is because they want females to acknowledge the fact that they are the dominant gender. Then may I ask, now, who is the dominant gender? the female or the male?

Actually, there is no dominant gender because each gender is strong in their own ways. For the male, they are physically stronger than women, therefore, a lot of tough work like carrying heavy stuffs, etc. For women, they are more detailed and delicate therefore they can do a good job in taking care of the household and children. Each gender has their own good points so as to carry out specified duties in the society which explains why there are no dominant gender.

Certain things can be only done by a certain gender. For example, only a female can give birth but a male can never do the same. So, can I say that female are the dominant gender here? No, because each gender needs the other gender to make up for their deficiency. Therefore, there are no dominant gender in the world. All there is are just thoughts being implemented by humans but in actual fact, both genders are equal.

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