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The False American Dream and The Unrealistic Lifestyle Expectation

The False American Dream and the Unrealistic Lifestyle Expectation.

The American student is a very curious phenomenon. They are taught to believe in this great American dream. All people are supposed to have equal opportunities for their future. All they need to do is work hard and success seems to be a guarantee. However, the truth is that most American students never have any opportunity to reach their potential because their family is poor and they do not have any contacts. I personally come from a poor family. Growing up, I used to believe that talent and hard work were enough to achieve my life goals and aspirations. However, after my college graduation I came to realize that only rich people with connections stood any real chance at success. It was very rare to see a poor person rise above their financial limitation and reach their goals. The American dream is mostly a myth. The American dream of rising above poverty and becoming rich and successful is close to impossible to achieve. Most Americans will spend their life in poverty. They will never even come close to living the good life. Their daily life will be that of survival primarily. It is only a small percentage of the population who can honestly say that they have become a success. That small percentage usually comes from well adjusted families. Take a good look at any successful person out there. How many of these people ever had to face an abusive family or a financial crises? I would say not that many at all. Unfortunately, the American dream mentality pushes poor people to spend beyond their means in an effort to catch up to their rich and well adjusted peers. That spender mentality is the reason why so many people are now in debt.


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