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The Greatest Love

The Greatest Love. Starring character actor Cha Seung-won and actress Gong Hyo-jin, this drama is guaranteed to make you burst out laughing.

It started from the Goo Ae-jung (Gong Hyo-jin) was once the most popular member of girl band Girls The National Treasure, but 10 years ago the band broke up and he is blamed. Since then, his career plummeted and Ae-jung is now struggling to maintain his career in the entertainment world by trying to appear in variety shows and television promos.

On the other hand, Dokko Jin (Cha Seung-won), the actor who is now his career was triumphant, glorious and well-liked in the country’s ginseng, but behind its popularity is proved to have a pretty bad character, such as very narcissistic, arrogant and selfish. Well, it turns Ae-jung accidentally Dokko Jin knows a secret and leaked it in a talk show that makes the actor’s wrath.

Since then, Ae-Jin Jung and engage in hot and cold, but it develops in an unexpected form. Jin seems to recognize the voice unexpectedly Ae-jung as the voice of the singer who 10 years ago made him crazy. Jin started to fall in love with Ae-jung and even helped the woman to get a role in a TV reality show titled Couple Making.

The problem is when Ae-jung began to like Jin, he was even denied his eye. Not to mention the status it has had a lover Jin, Kang Se-ri (Yoo In-na). Se-ri is a former member of the same band with Ae-jung. Jin is actually the story of love and Se-ri has foundered some time ago, but they still pretend to be lovers in order not to get negative publicity.

Unlike Ae-jung, Se-ri’s career more brilliant and a host of Couple Making it. He does not like the proximity of Ae-jung with Jin because he wanted to maintain its status as a beloved actor pretending to be popular though. On the other hand, when a panicked Jin Ae-jung began to open up to love a doctor named Yoon Pil-joo (Yoon Kye), one of the participants Couple Making.

Will Ae-jung and Goo Jin Dokko united despite many obstacles?

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