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The Meaning of Eye Color

There are many different eye colors, but do you know what they mean?

During the course of the school year, I was assigned the task of finding a corrilation between two subjects using surveys, interviews and observations. After analizing all of my data, this is what I have found. The color of our eyes are determined by two distinct factors: the pigmentaion of the eye’s iris, and the frequency-dependence of the scattering of light by the turbid medium in the stoma of the iris. But could these also have an effect on how we see, and interpret the world, changing our personality? Here are my findings;

BLUE: Generally it means the person is more calm and laid-back. They have their own certain quirky ways about going along life, and are well precieved by their peers.

Amber: People with Amber colored eyes seem to be a little more pulled away from society. They do things out of the norm, but make sure to not let others know, or make sure everyone knows. There is rarly and in between. They are independent in terms of making choices, but it is the reception of their peers in which keeps them fueled.

Brown: A very fast moving and smart person. School isn’t as hard for you, and youre always on the go. Physical activities excit you and let you excel. Your taste in music is somewhat older, and more peacful than todays fast moving repeative noise. You are very popular amung your peers and you will remain that way through life, unfortunatly, your peers are always changing, leaving you with litte life long friends.

Gray: Grey eyes are very similar to blue eyes, and their traits, but they are a little more loud and obnoxious. They love to have fun, with anyone around them. Grey eyes are often looked up to by other people.

Green: Green, likes to move, but not in a sense of activities and sports, but wit friends, and at parties. You love to have fun, even at the cost of school, or deadlines. You are well recieved by peers and always a joy to be around.

Hazel: Interstingly enough, Hazel eyes seem to mix all the personalities into one. They are very quirky people, buy thrive off the complements from others. They ahve high grades in school, but can balance fun quite effectivly. Sometimes they can come off as a show off, or being obnoxious.

These were the finding of my assignment. I surveyed 200 people of different eye colors, interviewed 5 of each color and observed how each person of different eye colors reacted to different situations. My findings are not to be taken 100% seriously as there is no scientific proof of eye colors effecting personality, these are just the corrilations i found. Thank you! Have Fun and see if you fall under my descriptions.  

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