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The Mind on Fire; Creativity Without Purpose

I may be crazy, but I am creative!

I am not one to compliment myself, but I think I have allowed myself to admit that I am a creative person.  This comes with its drawbacks, though; I knew that I had a problem when my firstborn had matching headbands and ribbons for every outfit, including swimwear, and I had moved on to making matching socks.  And when I had a second daughter, the challenge was to match or at least coordinate their outfits.  I look at old photos now and laugh at how absolutely crazy I was, but I blame lack of sleep.
Some of my more memorable projects were the headbands made with Easter grass nests in the center, the hairbow I made with balloons for a clown themed party outfit, the animal shaped barrettes to wear to preschool while studying the farm animals unit, and the first day of kindergarten dress with ruler print ribbon. These are only a few small examples of how I spent my time back then, when I wasn’t washing sippie cups (matching, of course), chasing an active toddler or trying to outwit an over-thinking, non-sleeping gradeschooler.
And when they got older, was my creativity squashed?  No!  The middle school locker provided a new and exciting space to decorate, and did I ever!  The feather boa, carpet and interior lighting may have been over the top, but I didn’t care.  For the next couple of years, I was able to look forward, in the middle of summer, to the search for new decorative locker paper.  Once a theme was chosen, the hot glue gun came out and the craziness began!   I have finally reached my limits on that project, when my work was deemed “a little much” for a high school student (and she was right).
I was able to go crazy with bulletin boards when I worked at a school, and that was fun (I used newsprint for the background paper for a journalism class, accented with neon colors – it was great)!  I made a graduation cap out of construction paper…for a cat once, too.
But, I am all out of venues, so, now, I limit myself to cheerleading projects, such as T-shirts and window decals, and of course, writing.  I certainly don’t have the time for much else anyway, now that I work full time, but I miss the joy of creating, nonetheless.  Give me a theme, some ribbon, some glue and turn me loose!

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