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Use NLP to Reach Your Goals

Learn how to achieve your dreams with NLP techniques.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can help you to take control of your life and emotional state and how to reach your goals.

The first thing you need to do is set your goals. Do this by thinking about your ideal life and by writing out all the components of a perfect day. You can also describe the setting or location where this perfect day will happen. Make a note of what you are aiming at  and then break your ideal down into concrete actions or steps. Date each step so that you know when it should be completed. For example, if you decide that you want to be a teacher then the first steps might be to sign up for a course or get experience working in a school.

Don’t forget that when you set goals, they need to be attuned with your values. To find your most important values keep asking questions about central areas of life. For example ask ‘What makes me want that specific job?’If your answer is ‘Working within an exciting team.’ then ask ‘What matters about working in an exciting team?’ Keep asking.  Such questions will reveal your values. Make sure that your goals fit these values.

Once your goals are set, check your plan and then begin taking the first actions noted in this plan. If the steps don’t work then try something different instead. Just keep the goal in mind and aim towards it. NLP suggests that if your usual actions are not creating the results that you want then you need to try different actions instead. Taking action towards goals is very important if you want to reach them. A lot of people dream but don’t do anything about it.

In NLP there is no such thing as failure. If something does not work then you are encouraged to think of this as feedback and to try something else. The idea is that every ‘failure’ moves you closer to finding out the right way forwards.

If circumstances seem to be against you, then think about the problematic situation from another perspective. Reframing is an NLP term which means looking at something in a new way, so if you have just lost your job this could seem terrible, but you could reframe it to make it an opportunity to start your own business.

In order to support your goals, it can be helpful to create positive internal images based on previous successes. We all form inner pictures based on events in our lives. Once these inner pictures are formed we replay them again and again in our heads. It is far more useful to play back our positive images and experiences than our negative ones. If a negative image keeps playing in your mind then consciously switch it for a positive one.

Another way to reach your goals is to think about what your ‘inner voice’ is saying to you. Words matter. If you put yourself down or talk about yourself in negative terms then this will change how you feel about yourself and your future. Try to use positive words and phrases both about yourself and in your dealings with others. Speak as if you are certain to reach that goal.

A final and very important way to reach your goal is to study those who have already got there. NLP suggests that if one person can achieve something then anybody can. If you really want to do something then look for a person who is already succeeding in that area and use them as a model. Imitate the steps that they have taken.




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