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Virgin Love Greater Than any Other

‘I know where you are, hanging on someone, as you are accustomed to. You flew and there you live, a predator in disguise. You sealed my mouth never to speak. Who will warn that poor soul?’

Though I am not loud enough, I can still whisper:

Our love carried us across several love stages:

Eureka - I have found the ideal of my mind.

The Angel me- I am the very important one you should treasure.

I am your keeper - look the way I am sacrificing myself for you.

The Symbolic LevelThis is the other me; an only gift for the unique you.

We went though all these stages, but did not work to see us enjoy the ontological level. All beings are beautiful and identical, that is why I do not have eyes to see beyond you. Your falling cheeks and ears are identical to mine. After all why should we be different?

Green and innocent, there I stood, on our first date. Some few meters away from a huge bridge near our home. I anxiously wanted to see what in less than a minute had previously flashed across my sensory receptors, leaving me with an impact of infatuation, as I rushed to class. It was a stimulus that made my heart tune into a note much pleasant to sing than be engaged in mathematical concepts in the whole of that afternoon.

Over and over I felt imprisoned by powerful compelling impulses that kept on calling back and forth in my thoughts, to try and mentally visualize, the image that had greatly increased my mental appetite.

As a point of development, I could easily attempt to answer who am I, and my role in the society, as an adolescent. All that now I wanted is to repeat the famous Greek word ‘Eureka’ – AHA I have found it; the other piece of my heart for the first and the last time in my lifetime.

Yes, I wanted to behold a figure of a lover I had mentally constructed through abstraction of different spatial-temporal realities; Human Beings in this case.

I had isolated and combined special features of my liking into a stable mental image that was a true representative of what would have been the most pleasing thing for my heart, and one that could be sought in the potential world of infinite diversity. There and then, I was waiting to re-affirm this reality; a lonely island that I would explore and hope to find complimenting elements that would ever see me happy and developed to my full potential.

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    On March 7, 2012 at 11:38 am

    This is very interesting, just reminded me of the first time l met my ex- boyfriend. One may judge the complainant as someone who is still in the denial level, that the world outside here can heal. True it can heal but every time you encounter similar event, the past is reawaken. Your first lover remains better than others. Congratulations writer of Virgin love greater than other.

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