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When Does Your Creativity Spark?

This article is about the factors to have your creativity spark.

Our creativeness sets us apart from other people, making us unique. We give birth to ideas everytime, but they just scatter into our minds as thoughts and vanish away. Your ideas may be remarkable but did you consider it to be really an idea? An ide athat is realistic or crazy enough to just work into your situations? It depends on the mood, place, and time.

We have like 80,000 thoughts a day and only sense a few. In those 80,000 may be 100 great ideas but unnoticeable in our minds. How is this so? We have so much thoughts that we might only see a few since the subconscious selects our thoughts(as I believe). Even if the thought is remarkable or not. After that, our conciousness sets in, we get to sense these thoughts(can you handle thoughts increaing a second even in your sleep? probably not).

Here are the factors that will make you more susceptible(or not) to thoughts in your minds:

1. Mood

2. Place

3. Time

Time is a major factor because it is apart of your life. There is always a designated time to have your creativity spark. Is it in the morning? noon? afternoon or night? These “creativity times” may vary during the person’s experience and his daily routine. For example, a worker who gets tensed alot during the day may have his creativity spark at night while a night-shift worker may have great creativity during the day. It really depends on the person’s preference.

Even if you had great ideas during a time, what if it ends up in a wrong place? What will happen is that you might instinctively throw the idea away. This cause may be due to the place you’re under. It may be that the place is full of people or it is loud that you can’t concentrate on your ideas or that it is entirely an unfamiliar place, so you end up worrying. The place can affect your behavior that it may hinder or improve your thoughts. Most people prefer quiet and to be alone so that they can focus more.

Right place & right time, epic for having great ideas, but it can be murdered by a foul/bad mood. Your moods, like the place, can hinder or improve your thoughts but at a grater degree. A happy mood makes you more susceptible to almost any idea while a mood that makes you gloomy shuts your creativity down. This means that the person should be positive and calm to let the ideas flow in or else he/she can’t get ideas at all.

These three factors have the same effect or result, in varying degress. You should know this factors to have a frequent time gaining fresh ideas that may even result to a fresh perspective in the world.

So when does your creativity spark?

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