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Why Children Like Cartoons

This is my own thinking about one charecteristics of children
How they like to think is very difficult to understand. I have just tried to find out with some reasoning.

I think every living being in the world is attracted to the other who seems to same as its own look.  For this reason a cat or a bird looks steadfastly at a mirror. The cartoon characters are made so tact fully that this are looked like as child characters.

The sounds in the cartoons are sober and made so that any one is attracted.  It is colorful and leaves least thinking area to enjoy. You have not to think in depth whether it is funny or sad theme to be shown. So a child can clearly get its all meanings. And more than that he gets all the mortars he thought in his mind from his little experience of life and thoughtfulness.

The cartoons bend reality. Children think in terms of impossibilities and they enjoy that cartoons don’t have any rules for gravity, etc.

The reason why children love cartoons is because there are characters the children can relate to. Also, they are attracted to the colors and differences between the characters.

Think of yourself! For example, one has a football shaped head, but he’s really nice and people like him. Kids like that because it shows someone different and everybody likes him. Children always want to be good people and they want others to like them.

It gives the kids to look up to, and, in a sense they also get an idea of how they want themselves to be. Who doesn’t want to be their favorite cartoon character?

Cartoons are just a funny, colorful way for children to love about the world, and kids love to learn!

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