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Why Should We Study Psychology? The Psychology of Everyday Life

Science and Society. Culture and Psychology. Why (basic) Psychology is a required general education subject for all students of different courses.

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Why Should We Study Psychology? The Psychology of Everyday Life

Preliminary Insights on the Course

There is a basic course in Psychology called Psychology of Everyday Life. It is a start-up course for Psychology majors or minors, and it’s also offered as an elective subject or general education subject, to students of any other courses. If you’re in college, you might want to take up Psychology of Everyday Life, even if you’re not at all interested in Psychology; rather if you’re interested in Life in general then it’s highly recommended.

Psychology of Everyday Life is (one of) the most helpful course(s) for all college students. Personally, it has given me an illuminating perspective:

The course (or any other basic Psychology course) is a highly worthwhile study. The course title and course description already say so much about it. Psychology of Everyday Life. And though most students (including me) would seem to get easily bored in any classroom discussions about the higher Psychology courses, this doesn’t mean that studying even just one (basic) course in Psychology would prove as ever uninteresting and useless. Although it seems we could never get and appreciate some of the (grave) concepts of Psychology, it is most likely that when we finally go out there living our real lives that we would be able to recognize the relevance of studying Psychology, in our common tasks and perhaps even in our most uncanny moments.

Lucky for me because I took up the elective because I heard a likeable professor was the one teaching. And she did make the course interesting; or rather, she made the students finally realize the value of taking up the course. She made everything interactive.

So as we started with our lessons, I began relating with the course’s issues and concerns.

The first idea that struck me was the Iceberg Theory. It made me realize that indeed most people only see the surface of the “iceberg.” Often we only see the surface of other’s behaviors, as well as of our own selves. This first class lecture gave me a glimpse of the task of Psychology, which most people often take for granted. After taking up the subject, I gained a new and better approach in dealing with other people’s (and my own) emotions, beliefs, behaviors, and actions. I learned how not to be easily deceived by appearances, and, to try-reading between the lines.

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