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10 Good Ways to Please Your Girlfriend

Here are 10 effective ways to please your girlfriends.

1. Walk in the rain with her. I do not know why, but girls love it when you do this with them. They find it really romatic. 

2. Let her sit on your lap. Well, if she is not too heavy, let your girlfriend sit on your lap once in a while. Girls just love it.

3. Write ‘I Love You’ on a note and slip it inside her pocket or her bag. This is my favorite. They will be deeply impressed.

4. Take a stroll at the beach. I know it is hot and a long walk, but this will please your girlfriend because this will be when they can share their thoughts.

5. Give her surprise hugs.

6. Flirt with her in front of your friends or her friends. Girls love the attention.

7. Talk to her at night till you fall asleep. This is probably the most fatal move to make a girl fall for you.

8. I know it is difficult to call through but dedicate her favourite song on the radio station that she tunes in to will makes her really happy.

9. Whisper romatic lines to her frequently.

10. Hold her hand. I know some guys does not like to hold hands but girlfriends expect guys to hold their hands everything they are together.

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