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10 Love Lessons for Stronger Relationships

You want your romance to blossom and your love to last. Apply these 10 love lessons, which are a recipe for happiness for loving couples everywhere. Do not allow "thorns" to make in-roads, rather apply these specific steps to keep love and romance alive and well through the years.

It’s easy to say “I love you” but implementing time-tested relationship behaviors and strategies can help you to be a better partner so that your relationship grows and strengthens over time. This article discusses how to find romance and keep it alive using 10 time-tested love lessons.

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Love Lessons for Enduring Relationships

  1. To find true love, love yourself first. When you do, you send out a message that you value and care about yourself, which models appropriate behavior to potential partners.
  2. Loving yourself may mean making hard choices, phasing out of your life overly critical or unkind people and unsuitable partners. If you only permit loving people into your personal bubble and make them your close companions, you will be surrounded by supportive loving people and you’ll stand a better chance of attracting the right kind of partner.
  3. Love is an emotion that should translate into loving actions. To build better relationships, treat it this way, always, and it will not grow dim or gutter out.
  4. Romance and love someone else the way you want to be romanced and loved. Kindness and consideration become like flowers in a garden. When similar flowers grow together, it is easier to maintain a strong and successful relationship. Tend your “garden” and you will contribute to a loving partnership that flourishes with care.
  5. Always tell your partner specific things you like about him or her and don’t forget to say “I love you” every day. This may seem obvious but loving reinforcement strengthens relationships.
  6. Your thoughts, moods, behaviors and words contribute to the tenor of a relationship. Be vigilant that what you are contributing supports and builds a loving “climate” and subsequently a loving relationship: positivity, harmony, cooperation, consideration and kind words instead of toxic waste: negativity, anger, selfishness and discord, criticism and verbal battling. Strong relationships are built and reinforced with effort; they do not happen automatically.
  7. Care about your appearance. This is a gift you give your partner. You wouldn’t go on a first date unkempt and slovenly, so why adopt the habit once you are in a relationship? Some individuals go all out to attract a partner then believe their work is done once the person has been “caught.”
  8. Cultivate a love for living. If you enjoy each day and fill your life with interesting activities, you’ll be fun to be around–someone your partner wants to be with. No one would willingly choose to live with a dullard.
  9. Support your partner’s dreams, shore up his or her hopes, be a best friend, someone to confide in. This “relationship cement” is one of the best things you can do to strengthen your relationship. Work to earn your partner’s trust and you build a stronger relationship. 
  10. The date never ends. Always treat your partner like you did when you were dating, and the excitement, love, and commitment will continue. Be a “good date” and you will be a great partner.

Work hard to apply these 10 love lessons and you stand a greater chance of building a successful and loving relationship, one the  that continues and endures as a lasting partnership.

How to Strengthen your Love Relationship

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